Linda S.

” I had a work related injury, and I came in and saw the doctors here at Spine and Joint Institute. Where I got evaluated and they started treating me for the pain that I had. Without their help, without their therapy, without their listening and concerns, I don’t know what I would’ve done. Receiving their help let me get back to my normal activities. “

Regenette S.

“The Spine and Joint Institute has made my quality of life much better. After the accident, I could not sleep. I was in pain. Once I came here, the messages, the therapy, I could sleep better. I have more movement than I did previously, and I’m comfortable. When I leave here, I feel much better.”

Susi G.

“With my neck I couldn’t sit too much, because it would hurt. I couldn’t drive, because it would hurt. Since I’ve been coming to Spine and Joint Institute, I’ve improved a lot and now I can enjoy my grand babies, carry them, and have fun with them.”

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